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TEAM THUNDER 13 TIES FOR 3rd in 13/14 Open Division
At Highly Competitive Invitation Only Mid Atlantic Power League
Moves to 42nd Nationally
(13 AES Power Ranking)
The Mid Atlantic Power League is the second most competitive tournament in the West.  It is invitation only with acceptance of only the very best
teams in NC, SC, GA, VA and TN.  Over 40 of the best 13-14 and under teams entered this exclusive tournament with only (9) 13s teams being
accepted.  Regardless of our then 21-4 overall record (6-2 vs 14 Open teams and against 15-2 13 Open) and top 50 national ranking Team
Thunder did not get the initial invitation due to a decision to play in the Power division in Myrtle Beach as opposed to Club division at Monument
City Classic, which e later found out was the benchmark tournament, even though it was a 13s Club tournament. Following, we played 14 Open
at Queen City, Battle of the Beast and Carolina Region and increased their record to 31-6.

Headed into the Championship match at Peak Challenge, we received a call that a 14s team had dropped out.  We immediately accepted the
invitation to compete in MAPL Raleigh.  

Thunder had to step up to the plate on many occasions during this tournament.  The scores were definitely no s reflection of some of the hard
fought battles.  We were one of only (2) 13s teams going undefeated (6 total) on the first day; IC Stars Ellyn (13s) and IC Stars Mark (14s) were
also in the top 6 undefeated teams.  These (3) teams were a select group of only (4) total Carolina Region teams who were undefeated.  
Thunder defeated CJV 13 Fury (Charlotte) 25-20, 25-16 and VA Elite 14 Blue 25-19, 25-9.

In the second wave Saturday night, we split with Academy 14 Crystal (13-25, 25-8, 13-15) and NC Elite 14 Black (25-7, 25-14).  As a result of the
split, we were challenged again by Academy 14 Crystal again to determine who would advance to the Gold Championships.  Thunder won a
one game to 25 play off 25-23.

We would meet a very talented CJV 14 Pulse for a rematch from City in the quarter finals.  Taking the first set 25-23, we lost the second 19-25.  
After being down 4-12, Thunder comes back on amazing serving and offense to advance to semi final 15-12.

Facing off with #1 ranked and very tall and aggressive Beach Elite 14B Adidas, Thunder dropped the first set 18-25, came back in the 2nd
25-17.  Fighting back and forth in the 3rd Thunder came back from a 4-9 deficit to tie at 9-9 and 10-10.  Down 10-14, Thunder fights back to
12-14 however loses on a missed serve by one of our very best players.  I believe winning is the character.  I have never witnessed it so

Beach Elite goes on the win the tournament.  Excellent tournament for Thunder taking the Champion right down to the wire.  Thunder increase
overall record to 34-8 and moves to 42 in the National AES Power Ranking.
TEAM sNo Finishes 3rd
Team sNo headed into the Queen City as defending Champs and ranked #4.  They went
undefeated with no set losses advancing to the Championships bracket.  

Winning matches against USA 14 Purple 25-20, 25-12 and Cape Fear 14-Force 25-21,
25-20 in the Championship bracket, sNo met local team IC Stars14 Brad in the Semi
Final.  Winning the first set 25-22 sNo fought hard in the loss; 16-25, 10-15.  
TEAM ICE Finishes 5th
Team Ice goes undefeated on Saturday.  Disappointing however having to take a forfeit
against RC Bolt.  They advanced to the Championship bracket winning matches against
Cape Fear 14 Force 25-19, 25-14 and CUVC 14 Jessica 25-21, 25-14.  

Ice met 11th seed NC Elite 14 White in the first round. Dropping the 1st set 21-25, Ice
fought hard in a close set 2, 27-25.  Dominating the 3rd set, Ice advanced to quarter
finals with a 15-4 victory.

Meeting 3rd ranked Young Guns, Ice finished in 5th with a 17-25, 21-25.
Very proud of Team Rain this weekend.  The majority of the team can play 12 and/or 13s
and tournaments are always a hard fight. Playing 14 Club against older and more
experienced teams is extremely difficult, however one Team Rain accepts and proves
themselves weekly.   The challenge is preparing players who are new to a higher net and
heavier ball and with limited offense and defense transition experience to compete against
players with one additional years experience.

Rain stepped on the court the underdog each match.
Ranked last (32) going into the tournament, Rain played last years 2nd place team, Young
Guns (finished 3rd), 9th ranked Academy and split with higher ranked Nc Elite 14 JoCo
25-21, 16-25, 4-15.  Ranked last going into the last match of the tournament against, Rain
defeated higher seed Lightning 14 25-27, 25-22, 15-11.

Each competitor is currently ranked much higher based on Carolina Region points
ranking.  Competing hard and never giving up is what we have come to expect from Team
Team Fire Places 13th out of 25 Teams at Queen City Classic

Another young team competes strong with a 13th place finish.  Team Fire is composed of (7) players who are eligible to play on a 14 or 15 and under team; five freshman and one 8th
grader.  Due to USAV age requirements, 9th graders Brittany and Bailey Exline, are required to play 16s.  Bad thing?  After this weekend, Id say not.,

Seeded #21, Fire stepped in the court to face #5 Elite loosing 21-25, 11-25.  A minor blocking change combined with excellent passing and defense from Caitlyn, Alanis and Celeah
created the advanced Fire needed.  Fire bounced back from the match one loss and a set one loss in match 2 loss to take a very hard fought match against Lake Norman 16 Red
much higher seed on the Carolina Region) in 2 extra set point matches; 25-25, 28-30, 16-14.  Finishing pool play with a win against East Denver Royals 25-15, 25-9.  

The 2-1 pool play record was strong enough to advance Fire to the Championship bracket.  As the 11th seed underdog, we met veteran team #6 CUVC Brain losing 13-25, 11-25.  The
loss put Fire against local team IC Stars Joel (another 16s team) ranked #3 (9th overall).  Fire fell short 23-25, 17-25.  

Team Fire has been on the verge of winning matches as season.  Proud to see them fight hard and play more aggressive on offense.
 Keep your eyes on TEAM FIRE.
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Team Thunder stepped it up a notch playing against a very competitive 14 Open division.  
Playing in most likely the toughest pool in the 14 Open division, they met the top #2 teams
during pool play; Lake Norman 14 Black and CJV Pulse.  Both teams would fight for first in
the Championship bracket on Sunday.

Meeting #2 ranked CJV Pulse in the first match, Thunder fought back after a first set loss;
16-25, 25-1, 4-15.  Second match of the day came very powerful and very tall Lake Norman
14 Black.  Thunder won set 3 against another strong team CUVC 14 Chad 25-19, 21-25,

Finishing 1-2 placed Thunder in the Consolation bracket as the #7 seed against 9th seed
Lake Norman 14 Red.  A tough match, Thunder advances with a 25-18, 25-23 win for a
rematch against CUVC 14 Chad.  With a large crowd and a full crew of USAV National
officials working the match, including National Line judges and scorers/trackers Thunder
took a commanding win 25-19, 25-16.

Thunder relied on what we do best; serving and ball control.  Our middles, McKenzy, Lina
and Madison put up hard blocks against all teams forcing attacks to one of the best defense
in the division; Abbie, Taylor, Bree and Rachael.  With excellent passing, setters Madision
and Amber worked hard the entire tournament choosing the right sets and hitters that gave
us a competitive advantage.   

The only losses Thunder took were to the #1 Lake Norman 14 Black and #2 CJV Pulse.  

This is the first time this season Thunder has had to fight hard to win matches which is the
sole reason they were placed in such a strong division.  While some teams think we may
not belong there, I cannot be more proud of this team.  Their resilience, competitive and
fearless attitudes continues to be the driving force.  Its a tough sell to convince everyone that
sometimes loosing is winning.  
Lets not forget this is a 13 and under team.  Our
performance at Queen City is proof MAPL missed the mark when they evaluated teams.  
Looking forward to meeting the best 13s teams in Atlanta at Battle of the Beast.

I want to say publicly it is always an honor it is to be entrusted with such a fine group of
young ladies.  Thank you for trusting me!!  Trina
Very select and invitation only Beast of the Southwest draws the most competitive teams in the east.  With only 12 13 and under teams invited,
Thunder finishes 5th with a 3-2 record with wins against Alliance 13 Mizuno (Alabama) 26-24, 25-14, Carolina Islanders (Charleston) 25-8,
25-13 and a losses PVA 13 (Florida) 25-27, 25-21, 6-15 and  rematch from SAVL Columbia to MVP 13 Gold (Columbia) 15-25, 22-22 to
advance to the quarter finals.  Thunder met PVA 13 again to to fight for 5th overall.  After losing the first set 15-25, Thunder fights back hard to
win the match 25-11, 15-12.
Spring and Summer Programs
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Interested in Spring and Summer Tournaments?
We are currently looking for select 13-16 and under athletes for USAV, JVA and AAU tournaments
April 26-27, May 10-11, May 17, May 24-26, June 7-8, June 17-20
Designed to maximize athlete to coach ratio; generally 8:1.  
We will train athletes in each skill set with a focus on footwork, ball control, continuity of play, work ethic.  

Being a CHAMPION is HARD WORK.  For the serious athlete who wants to compete at the highest level, it take more than just
skills training a few hours a month.  Out PPT program is packed full of strength, speed, agility, balance and preventative
injury training.  

We also include flexibility and mental training by including yoga, cardio endurance with zumba and hip hop.  To make sure we
train athletes to feed to body (fuel the engine) we also combine nutritional education and training.
As part of our PPT program, athletes increase their vertical up to 4.5” in 90 days;  Top 10 2.3”.  While we do offer Vertimax
training as part of our PPT programs, our philosophy is to functionally train, develop and reinforce the fundamental
techniques of explosive jumping focusing on a combination of the controlled movements and explosive movements specific to
April 14-July 31
Monday          Statesville (Location TBA)               Wednesday     Statesville Fitness
Skills 530-700     PPT 700-800   4th-8th Grades
PPT 600-700     Skills 700-830   9th-12th Grades (Advanced 8th)

Tuesday          Talbert Rec Center (Mooresville)**   
Skill 600-730     PPT 730-830   4rd-8th Grades
PPT 630-730     Skills 730-900   9th-12th Grades (Advanced 8th)
(Performance training will be before or after your skills training)
TEAMWORK makes the